Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Honest Is Too Honest?

How honest are you allowed to be on the internet?

How transparent are you supposed to be?

I write to let out the raging thoughts in my mind, to stay sane and sort through life.

But I don't publish most of the things I write, because I feel they are too "transparent". Why is that? If I write on here, but don't write what I want to write, what's the purpose? Maybe I missed an opportunity to connect with someone who is struggling in the same ways that I am, since I wasn't honest. Why do I have to write with the intent to portray that I'm perfect and I don't have issues like everyone else?

I believe, like I said a few months ago, vulnerability is valuable. I feel like so many people, including myself, are afraid of vulnerability. But I also believe that it is important for healing and growth to happen. Everyone has their own standards for what they want to share, and that's okay. But this is mine, and I want to, and am going to be open.

I've been struggling with life, faith, and questions that don't seem to have answers. Life is hard sometimes. Finding hope and light is hard sometimes. But we're not alone in our questions, and people need other people.

"We all have an audience. We all have some kind of an influence. We all have a story and a voice. Our lives are our songs. Our hearts are our songs. It's okay to ask real questions. It's okay to say real things. Let's make things that matter and move, and let's chase after those things as well." -Jamie Tworkowski, on TWLOHA's blog, here. 

Here's to transparency.

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